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In constant search for perfection


Amix™ stands out from the competition thanks to the constant researching of the best ingredients, high quality raw materials and the latest in technology. Amix™ looks for perfection and the best and innovative scientific technologies. Amix™ has learnt to respect and accomplish his picky customer wishes and because of that Amix™ has become in a Pioneering company in the sport nutrition sector which satisfies the most demanding athletes.

Top quality raw materials

The most advanced technologies

Learning from consumers

At the vanguard of scientific techniques

We different

The innovative and futuristic Amix™ design makes it to be recognized easily among others products. Its design reflects sophistication and it is appreciated worldwide. This is one of the reasons Amix™ is constantly gaining followers and popularity. 

AMIX is synonymous of sport

Amix™ truly represents athletes, whose targets are a healthy life style, getting the best results and looking after their sport supplements with the best ingredients and the last generation of highest quality patents whose high quality is absolutely undoubtedly. Consumers have sworn Amix™ because of a premium efficiency and delicate taste.