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Mr. Popper´s® RiceMash® - see on imeline kiir-riisipuder, mille valmistamisel on riisi terad kõigepealt pressitud ning seejärel jahvatatud. See on ideaalseks koostisosaks muffinite, tervislike saiakeste ja kookide küpsetamisel. Sammuti sobib RiceMash ka suppide ja kastmete paksendamiseks. Nii nagu ka riisijahu, on RiceMashis kõrge süsivesikute, kuid madal rasva sisaldus.
16,00 €
WaxyGo! is a unique, sugar-free product, which contains high quality long chain complex carbohydrate derived from specially processed, high molecular weight, waxy maize starch. In fact, Waxy Maize starch has a molecular weight greater than maltodextrin and dextrose thus has the ability to move through the stomach faster than dextrose or maltodextrin! WaxyGo! is naturally high in glukose polymer AMYLOPECTIN, high in molecular weight, high in extremely absorbable branched polysaccharide and it is also quickly recharging your energy reserves. In addition to this, Waxy maize starch in WaxyGo! has a very low osmolarity which allows it to quickly and effortlessly cross into the bloodstream intact.
WaxyGo! is an ideal carbohydrate source for athletes at any level.
23,00 €