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TribuLyn® 40% 750mg 120cps

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AMIX™ TribuLyn™ is a completely natural and very powerful extract of Tribulus Terrestris that has been used in the traditional medicine of China and India for centuries. Since the 1990s is has been used by Olympic athletes as a performance and libido booster. AMIX™ TribuLyn™ contains more than 40% of steroidal saponins! 
Tribulus Terrestris increases the body's natural testosterone levels and thereby improves libido (sex drive), enhances muscle growth, increases strength and boosts energy levels to maximum. For these benefits Tribulus Terrestris is very favoured by bodybuilders and strength athletes who desire to reach the highest athletic goals. AMIX™ TribuLyn™ contains the highest quality Tribulus Terrestris extract that is absolutely side effects FREE!
  • completely natural testosterone booster
  • more than 40% of steroidal saponins
  • enhances strength and muscle growth
  • boost energy and improves libido
  • absolutely side effects FREE!
Recommended use: Take 2 tablets daily before sleep. Wash down with plenty of water.