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Mr.Popper's RiceMash 1,5kg

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Mr. Popper's® RiceMash®
with sweeteners (flavored variants) and flavour
Net Weight: 600 g, 1500 g 

Mr. Popper´s® RiceMash® is extruded and subsequently milled rice for preparing the wonderful instant porridge.  It is an excellent ingredient for baking muffins, breads, pastries and cakes. It is also a superb thickener for soups, sauces and gravies. White rice flour is naturally rich in carbohydrates and low in fat.


  • very fast & easy preparation
  • excellent taste
  • sugar free
  • fills you up for a long time

TIP: Have you already tried the japanese rice balls stuffed with mango? This recipe is ideal for fitness diet and usefull for gluten-free diet. You need: 100 g rice flour (Mr. Popper´s® RiceMash® - natural), mango, rice syrup, pinch of salt and lukewarm water as needed. After mixing of all ingredients together, let the dough to rest in refrigerator approx. 30 minutes. Then you can prepare the balls with mango and cook them in boiling water about 5 minutes until float to the surface. Good Appetite!

Recommended dosage: Mix 2 scoops (50g) with 220-250 ml of hot water or milk. Mix well by spoon until you get a porridge consistency. You can sweeten it with a bit of honey and top with fruits and nuts. Mixing ratio can be changed according to your taste.